CGE Immobilier

Message of the president

It is a great satisfaction in my capacity as president - Founder of the Group CGE to present the latest innovation: CGE IMMOBILIER

 Le CGE group is the result of over 18 yearsof experience obtained primarily in the construction’s business in Burkina as well as in the countries of the sub-region.
Faced with the reality of the imbalance between supply and demand of housing in Burkina, it seemed appropriate to me to contribute reducing this imbalance.

Provide housing in response to a request is a first step, but creating a favorable acquisition environment is a serious competitive advantage.
It’s with this vision that CGE IMMOBILIER was created!

Aware that a property is part of the family patrimony, our houses need to be of the highest quality. Quality is meant from conception to completion in accordance with strict standards and delivery in a pleasant and rewarding life.

These houses must also be affordable. Compliance with technical implementation and enforcement procedures associated with significant purchasing power which may be claimed by CGE Group allow this challenge. A distinct advantage that can benefit our customers!
These customers are the focus of CGE Immobilier.

The acquisition of a house by a client may not seem as easy as it.
In response to his reimbursement ability, one will be offered a property with a good quality and a corresponding banking offering. He will then just wait for delivery of his property on the site he will be chosen.

It’s for me another way of seeing today's real estate in Burkina Faso!
The Ambition is great but is based on the success of CGE Group and the professionalism of the teams to serve the customers.

Thank you for your trust and I wish you a good discovery!